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Entrance to the Fantastic Art Exhibition, represented by ABUNDANCE, Schilling, 34x34cm, 2007

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the artist - represented by a section of the paining NOW, 2009

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art as a way of knowing

Fantastic Art background and history, represented by THE RED WINDOW, 2004,

This portal presents artwork that emerged mainly  from 2007 to 2011, and some later on.

The artistic inquiry started with an exploration of the way of science as advocated and pursued by German poet and natural scientist Goethe. It includes art as a way of knowing which doesn't mean it's not scientific in a sense of rational, empirical research. Goethean Science also pays respect to the fact that quite a bit of science builds on intuition. Except this compartment of the human being's knowledge generating endeavor usually doesn't get any credit.

However, the visual reflections of intuitions that came about in the scientific exploration of natural phenomena were quite fascinating in themselves.

Which is why I made the imagery my main subject and started exploring the phenomenon. First, by turning it into art and second, by investigating the psychology behind it. The extended research covered art as well as philosophy, human as well as natural sciences.

Meanwhile I went on to covering other subjects. But as soon as I get around to it I'd like to filter some pages out of my notes on the science and psychology of intuition, visions, dreaming and day dreaming.

Also, a couple of things ought to be said about the sense and nonsense of interpretation as it can be observed through historical ages, cultural zones and developmental stages of the human being.