Silke Schilling

In 2005 I received a master's degree in Holistic Science from Schumacher College, Dartington, UK. Until then I had been working as a civil engineer in the City of Berlin's public transport department and explored ecologically sound housing design.

Holistic Science includes philosophy of science as well as systems, complexity and chaos theory. Its method draws on J.W. Goethe's way of science which sees the scientist as participant observer. It favors a dynamic approach to the phenomena of reality and includes art as a way of knowing. Being rather transformative the endeavor is also about ecology and sustainability in all areas of society, economics and politics.

In due course I became an artist, graphic designer and writer which included independent studies in a diversity of subjects. I haven't run out of areas I get interested in, and I keep on hoping that we can refrain from ruining the planet completely.

Fantastic Art Show Invitation

art shows

2009 solo show at Volksbad Buckau c/o Frauenzentrum Courage Magdeburg

2009 Open Studio, II  Berlin Prenzlauerberg
2012 'Wedding Pur' resident artists' show, communal Art Gallery Berlin Wedding

2016 solo show, Galerie 1892 Berlin Charlottenburg

Times Square 2008: Who's watching the watchers? Image by Tom G.

projects: non-action art

Times Square 2005 - 2008:

A series of inquiries, public meditations and art events contemplating hyperactive growth and deceleration. With or without our spiritual support the place was traffic-calmed in 2009 and has been redesigned since.

Altgeld Gardens 2009 and 2010:

Inquiries and art in a housing project situated in the toxic belt of South Chicago; and a draft concept on the ecologically sustainable design of a School for Environmental Justice with the NGO People for Community Recovery.

Tischbein - Goethe in Italy

papers and presentations

2004 Goethean Study of Totnes High Street, published in Environmental & Architectural Phenomenlogy, Kansas State University, fall 2006

2005 Goethe's Scientific Method in the Perception of Place,
Desire Lines Arts & Ecology Symposium, Dartington Arts College
2007 Goethean Science and Art in the Assessment and Design of Cityscapes: Siena, International Human Science and Research Conference, Universität Trento, Rovereto, Italy
2008 Goethean Science and Art in the Assessment and Design of Cityscapes: Times Square, NY, International Human Science and Research Conference, Ramapo College of Liberal Arts, USA